Valentine in Things City

Animated Short Film -
Speculative urban design exploring post-human spaces and the algorithmic organization of logistics spaces.

Credits: MU/Hanneke Wetzer

Valentine in Things City is a research and design project that imagines the future of post-human spaces like Google data centers and Amazon warehouses. Using the same artificial intelligence code that organizes logistics infrastructure, a fictional fulfillment center at the scale of a city has been procedurally generated.Things city is designed to accommodate only delivery drones, logistics bots, and packages as its citizens. Through the eyes of the city’s machines, we watch as a girl enters Things City on Valentine’s day searching for a lost package.

Exhibited at MU Worlding Worlds, Eindhoven
Finalist independent shorts awards – ISA, Los Angeles
Exhibited at the Art Science Museum, Singapore
Screened at SCI-ARC Edge Symposium, Los Angeles