Facade Study

AI Research Project -
Study of the collaborative aspects that can be seen between designers and machine intelligence.

A series of resulting images as part of an ongoing study of the collaborative aspect that can be seen between designers and machine intelligence. This idea of a collaboration has often been explored by feminist philosophers like Donna Haraway; the feminist narrative tends to go against all sorts of hierarchy models and point out that we are part of a cyborg future in which we and the machines live in an extension to each other. Using machine learning as a partner, makes us question how do we make design decisions in the first place. Unlike the professional design tools, or the consumer level ones, machine intelligence lets designers explore a wider search-for-form space, while still having a say on how much of these decisions should be made by us. Selection, and choosing what is involved in making those decisions becomes more important.

Donna Haraway -
'I am making an argument for the cyborg as a fiction mapping our social and bodily reality and as an imaginative resource suggesting some very fruitful couplings.'

'Our machines are disturbingly lively, and we ourselves frighteningly inert.'